Easy Chilli Co.



I wanted to embrace you into the world of chilli sauce with a welcome cuddle and a friendly smile… life was calm and peaceful my hands were creating a lovely product. Children were smiling. Fluffy bunnies were playing in the meadows.

then the emails came…There are elements in the community who email me rude names provoking me to make a Extra Hot sauce…So I set to work. "I'll show them, I'll make them pay!"

It's still Easy Chilli Co, so it still has flavour. That flavour is extracted from Carolina reaper, naga and scotch bonnet super hot chillis instead of fruit. Avoid touching your eyes nose and sensitive body parts (Seriously)

For capsaicin junkies it'll be "alright" but for the majority of you it'll make you question your life choices if you go too heavy handed.