Easy Chilli Co.


Who runs this show? 

Easy Chilli Co is owned and operated by a serving soldier fast approaching his 22 year point. Unlike the majority of veteran owned coffee and apparel companies its not run by a Royal Marine or ex Special forces guy. No, its run by a scumbag Network Engineer in the Royal Signals who got divorced and had far too much time on his hands due to being too ugly for Tinder. 

So Whats it all about then? 

Having been in the roughty tough world of the British Army, I had noticed that theres a lot of bland food about and soldiers liked to add stuff to it. i was growing my own chillis and experimenting with sauces but there were two types of people who appeared when i was offering out free samples... 

1st type: Chicken nuggets are spicy. Go away. 
2nd type: If its not hotter than the sun im not interested. Go away. 

There was nothing in the middle so i went about pleasing both types of people by making some starter sauces (pitched just below a portugese chicken shop medium, stuff that your average joe could add to food without blowing your jaw off and providing a familiar tingle to the seasoned hot heads.) and it proved really popular... i made 100 bottles of sauce, designed some naff labels on MSpaint and bought a website. 

As time went on and a decent stable was established it was time to diversify. 

Whats next then? 

lots! im interested in converting as many people away from boring red or brown sauce and having an arsenal of tasty treats in the fridge ready to improve a vast array of dishes. Bad food is not exclusive to HM Armed Forces, anyone is welcome to enjoy E.C.Co. In the immediate future you can look forward to An Xtra hot one called hurt locker and shortly to follow will be chilli jam and chip salt. 

Whats the product like? 

I think its great, but check the review page for other peoples opinions!  

Nagasaki was the flagship sauce, its got cloudy apple juice and cider vinegar twinned with Naga chillis for an appley crisp bite thats great with pork. 

Tropical Thunder is fruity to the max with juicy pineapple and mango with Naga chillis for a sauce that pairs well with chicken. 

Carolina Casevac (pronounced cassy-vac) is a tart and fruity Carolina reaper and cranberry sauce that is a vital addition to cheese and white meats. 

Flashbang fusion is a collab with Pull the Pin Rum (buy.pullthepinrum.com) and has passionfruit, silver rum and mint. Flashbang goes great with lamb or on its own as a chip dip! 

Peaches of War was the summer release for 2021, and pairs succulent peaches with scotch bonnet chillis for something a little different. i recommend this with Mexican food. its addictive.

Hurt locker serves one purpose. To appease the hot-heads, it's mashed chilli from reapers, nagas and bonnets so it gets rid of all the unnecessary things like water and delivers a very hot smoky sauce that you should definitely keep away from eyes and sensitive areas 

Why should i buy some? 

No ones twisting your arm, but some great reasons are that youll be supporting a small business and keeping my idle hands busy, E.C.Co also supports deployed soldiers by slinging out morale boxes to Mali, Iraq and other operational theatres. Also, its hand crafted with real chillis instead of fake heat like some other sauce wranglers use... Oh and id like a jetski one day. 

Thanks for reading. Now go buy some sauce and if you like what we do come back for some merch and talk about us at parties.

-  Director of Sauciness @easychillico